Our safety record is excellent and speaks for itself.


Membership Requirements:

  1. Member sign-up starts the FOURTH SUNDAY in SEPTEMBER
  2. Junior membership is from the Fourth Sunday in September to the Second Sunday in June (a.k.a. our "SEASON").
    NOTE: If there is a parent membership, then the effective junior membership runs from October 1st until September 30th.
  3. We meet only on Sundays when school is in session.
    Rule-of-Thumb: If school is CLOSED on the Friday or Monday, we are CLOSED, too. Please see our Calendar.
  4. Sessions are from 2pm till 5pm.
  5. Junior member's age requirement: 5 to 21, and we reserve the right NOT to accept a member.
  6. Membership fee, of $75 per year, covers ammo, targets and the use of our rifles. Some activities require an additional fee.
  7. NRA membership ($15 per year) is MANDATORY
    (Please use this link - We then get the 'Brownie' points)
  8. Basic Firearm Safety taught every Sunday at 2:30PM, when we are in session. Be PROMPT, and be there by 2PM for the paperwork!

Come down any Sunday, during our season/session,


Where to find us and 'How do I get there?'

For More Information, please email us at:

Take your kids to the range...Shoot, have fun and teach responsibility! But most of all, teach them to be safe.
Join/Renew your NRA membership & help support the Freeport Junior Club at the same time...
NRA membership required.
Please join through the link above.

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